Dil Ki Baat

After a Long time I really felt like writing some Ashaar. For those of you know what it means , Please go ahead and read the post below or else Please Ignore !

Reza-reza hoke kitni door tak bikhra hoon —–

Dukh to hona tha tere haath se jo toota hoon—–

Usi par ikhtiyaar apna hain jo hian apne paas—

Sari duniya sub tamashi hain sach kheta hoon —

Na janse konsi kashish hain jo tere paas keench laati hain ????

Par tere pas akar tujhme samain kaise ?

kyun ponchtain ho humse ansoo ki shiddat !

Num is main tera Aks, tujhko dikhain kaise???

Sirf ek mujhse juda hone ke liye —

tune dhoondhai hain bahane kya kya

Aaj dekhi jo Surat Saher ainai main —

yaad aya hain najane kya kya


I stood beside the ocean
And asked the restless wave–
To what eternal troubling,
To what quest are you slave?
With orient pearls by thousands
Your mantle’s edges shine,
But is there in your bosom
One gem, one heart, like mine?
–It shuddered from the shore and fled,
It fled, and did not speak.
I stood before the mountain,
And said–Unpitying thing !
Could sorrow’s lamentation
Your hearing never wring?
If hidden in your granite
One ruby blood-drop lie,
Do not to my affliction
One answering word deny !
–With its cold unbreathing self
It shrank, and did not speak.
I travelled a long pathway,
And asked the moon–Shall some
Far day, oh doomed to wander,
Or no day, end your doom?
Our earth your silver glances
With lakes of jasmine lace ;
Is it a heart within you
Whose hot glow sears your face ?
–It stared with jealous eyes towards
The stars and did not speak.
Past moon and sun I journeyed,
To where God sits enskied ;–
In all Your world no atom
Is kin of mine, I cried :
Heartless that world, this handful
Of dust all heart, all pain ;
Enchantment fills Your garden,
But I sing there in vain.
–There gathered on His lips a smile ;
He smiled, and did not speak.

– Allama Muhammad Iqbal