Future Vision

Long TimeAgo , I came accross this website which used Macromedia Flash for its implementation.This is avery clever and artistic work which includes Hours and Hours of dedicated programming and Design work . This site sure does makes the user visit more Enjoyable and gives a hunch that Technology is indeed growing like a rapid wild fire.Sure More things to Come …. !

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Note: Select the Bandwidth according to your needs.

Coldfusion Messenger Bot

Recently, I had a chance to look at the Coldfusion Messenger Bot created By Ben Forta.It also allows you to do partial lookups, so if you did a search for “array” it will return all functions that start with the text “array”, and so on. I must say this is best way to retrieve the information rather going to Macromedia Live Documentation site. The bot is connected to Google Talk, Yahoo and AIM. More Information can be found on Ben’s Website
Here are the addresses:

AIM: cflivedocs
Google Talk: cfdocs@gmail.com
Yahoo IM: cflivedocs